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After spending a week on the shore of Rhode Island, I have reflected on all that has been written about the beach, all the poetry and novels and whimsical expressions and wooden signs that reflect a world of knowing that those who share the love of the proximity of the ocean sigh in recognition of.  I started many times these past few days to write about it, and I cannot help but think of the multiple expressions that even I have gone on and on about and used, often in a sedated rapture while in varying states of bliss.   As I prepare to go back home I remember that with a universal or common experience,  as with most things, the most valuable offering is my experience from the heart.  My love of the ocean has never wavered, and in fact increases in time in deep treasured pleasure that is truly unique to sensations of  breeze on my skin, hearing seabird songs, being lulled by the comforting surf.  Having clear days is a bonus, as clarity in any form is often considered a triumph over mentally foggy areas that crave crystalising.  Being with my oldest friend, not oldest chronologically we always say, but the friend I’ve loved since I was 10 years old, and her wife, has made the week sweet in comraderie, reflecting best selves, and sharing the appreciation for living life on our own terms.  We’ve treasured the consciousness of vegetarian friendly restaurants, beach yoga, swimming through sticky humidity, cycling on windy flat roads.  We watched Wayne Dyer’s latest PBS special, “Wishes Fulfilled” and reinforce our insights and points of growth over morning coffee.  Singing harmonies on the deck as the sun sets hues of orange over the panoramic horizon.  We lavish being too lazy to write the song about how we love being lazy.  Walked on a beach with earbuds to add the rhythm of music adoration to my barefoot steps.   A special gift was reaching out to a woman I met through a recent e-women networking gathering who is working on a video to mass market her Thriving with Cancer journey.   She fell in love with “Each Moment We’re Alive” and seeing it become the soundtrack for her work is exciting and humbling at the same time.  To share the recognition of the loved ones that have inspired the work with someone who lives the message of the song deepens the purpose that continues to drive me beyond my imagination.  To know this has reached her, lifted her, inspired, is as fulfilling as anything I’ve ever done that springs from the source of creativity and my soul’s work.   I feel blessed with true friendship, a house we borrowed to anchor our meanderings, a heart that never tires of the beach and its constantly refreshing palette…..

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