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One Heart at a Time

©2003 Debra Alt ©2008 Servethrusong (ASCAP)

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I sit upon your bed and search your face for what you need to hear
what you could somehow understand, for what might take away some of your fear
I listen to your questions as I struggle for an answer
that would satisfy a growing mind

And what to say of war and of the evil that’s behind it all
how could our God have let us down does he ever hear us in the times we call
we will not be defeated I believe the good is stronger
Now we must move on and find a way to make things different

One heart at a time, something you can understand
One heart at a time, it’s in each and all our hands
We get closer everytime we shed some light to find
One heart at a time

We have to take the time to teach each other to get beyond despair
to know that what is wrong can change,& we’ll find the strength uniting those who care
And in each silent moment where the pain can be forsaken
we can learn to see a world of peace by reaching out to

One heart at a time, looking deep into the eyes
One heart at a time, it may come as no surprise
that behind the bitter walls, a voice of healing calls to
One Heart at a time

Bridge –

Go on and paint a picture, of a world that lives in freedom
and see it through the eyes of one who knows
We can turn around the darkness, you can help create the future
With real love, the light around us grows

One heart at a time, the answers can be found
One heart at a time, listen closely, to the sound
of the cries and hopes we share, to connect us through the years
One heart at a time, one heart at a time, do it one heart at a time …

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