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Moving On

Lyrics by D.Alt, Music by C. Degaard & D. Alt ©1999 Servethrusong Publishing (ASCAP)

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When I think of leaving him it gives my heart a sudden chill
You see I’ve traveled down this road before
We’ve said all that there is to say, our hopes have long since sailed away
Now I’m back right near where I started from

Moving on for me is the way it has to be
And this time I won’t be turning around
For the times we called the best
And the pain of all the rest … I’m just moving on

I faced my fears and stood alone, I watered faith that turned to stone
Found the strength to ask for what I wanted
The questions weighed me down so far, The answers lit my sky with stars
Now I know just where I’m going

Moving on yet another time
to a place I wish I’d seen long before
Though the grass may not be greener
I know the air is cleaner there … I’m moving on

(Bridge) Things will never be the way that I had planned them
without a map I traveled with my heart
I’ve learned a little more each step along the way
As I embraced each brand new start

I’m packing for the long haul now, I made myself a solemn vow
This time I’m bound to reap the seeds of reason
I heard the message loud and clear, there’s no way to survive the fear
This is my finest season

Moving on, I can see beyond
To the place my spirit longs to be free
Where the past can be forgiven
And I seize each day of living, and moving on …. moving on

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