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Son of Hope (JFK Jr.)

Lyrics by Debra Alt, Music by Chip Degaard ©1999 Servethrusong Publishing (ASCAP)

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Once again the world has stopped to watch a hero fall
this time I can’t help but see a message for us all
Don’t you find it strange that we should feel this kind of grief
Yes he was a fabled man but that’s not why I weep

Son of hope, son of love, son of visions far above
In your life so many could believe
Son of Jack, son of all, You grew handsome you grew tall
In your blood you held for us the dream

A million hearts were breaking as we watched you say goodbye
To the father of our fragile land, to the man we held too high
His death was such a mark in time, we all could tell a tale
He took with him our innocence, and left you in his trail

Son of hope, son of power, son of passion and desire
in your life so many could believe
Son of courage to embrace, son of dignity and grace
thru your eyes we held onto the dream

Bridge – Of all things your shining moment showed
the dream of a real-life Camelot
There are heroes inside each one of us
We need to believe in what we’ve got

As we settle back into our lives, accepting what is gone
I see now what the tears are for and the way we must move on
In mourning you and each our own, the promise of our lives
Pieces of the dreams we dared, the paths we left behind

Son of hope, son of heart, son of all things set apart
with a life so many would revere
Son of legend, son of gold, one so reckless, one so bold
and we thought we’d always find you here
we thought we’d always find you here

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