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The Breath

The breath fills me and heals me And when drawn slowly Reminds me of everything I need to know © 2000 by Debra L. Alt  

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The Nature of Choice

The nature of choice Brings up questions of free will, destiny How it is one comes to a point of Making a choice Some falter at crossroads Others relish the unknown paths ahead Always momentum takes hold And shifts in…

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Piercing the Equilibrium

they are grown now the little fingers that grabbed the straggled hair covering your arms that I cradled while you sucked and puckered oozing milk like blood filling your nervous system with mine eyes content to rest on all the…

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For Eternity

I ache with love sometimes for music, touch, nourishment; and I long to know the source of the lack of longing and aching. I need to be by the water to cool the heat of the longing so it can…

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Like a Mother

I feel like a mother when I cut the crust off your sandwich bread careful to leave enough to hold some carefully planned nutrition My heart is full when we talk together about spirit curled under your feathery purple and…

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