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Something to Sing About ~ announcing my new book title!

I’ve been working on my book for years now. So much information, so many songs, interesting adventures, stories, journal entries, insights, wrong turns, magic and miracles, healing …

As I complete my second draft and go into a serious edit phase, I realized I needed to tweak the title, one that embraces my message and my story, my love of the craft and journey of writing. One conducive to drawing interest, while remaining true to what I have to say. One that is humble, yet excited. And finally one that holds and covers this long awaited project of love with a blanket-like container that distills the heart of my next book.

Please join me in celebrating these steps and helping me shout out to the world, there’s always something to sing about!   And the new title is,

                        Something to Sing About

A Songwriter’s Story of Stumbling into Shamanic Wisdom

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