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Please vote for and with Love !

I vote for Love! During a time of such unrest, what a pleasure it was to officiate at a wedding recently, and include elements of beloved Shamanic traditions. The joy and beauty is in such remarkable contrast to so much of what is going on in the outside world.

I’ve written a lot about the contrast between the two seemingly hopeless divided political camps in our country, and I think I found an answer to help wrap our brains around it. I was reading this morning from a commentary on the teachings of Don Juan. He wrote that he found himself writing unwittingly about the inconceivable possibilities of the existence of another system of cognition. So not just cognitive dissonance, which is where I have rested in my attempt at understanding the abysmal gap, but another system altogether!

So maybe that’s the first step of bridging gaps, cultivating understanding. I have tried, I really have and I can’t seem to puncture the disparity. When perceptions are so so different, so mired in layers of or lack of belief and vision and even reason, what are we to do? Understand, accept, that within an entirely and vastly different cognitive system, deep within, is a beating heart, one that either filters what they see through fear or through love.

I vote for love, and in deference to not wanting to post overtly politically, the party that essentially forms its policies and platforms on Love. It’s pure and simple, really. Yet sadly so unreachable for so many ….

Please, please, vote. Vote for and with love!

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