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Roll Up … the Magical Medicare Tour !

Back when I was turning a mere 64, it was another Beatles song I sang for celebration. This year it’s the magical medicare tour! It’s not the best year for a party, so I ask you to please join me in supporting a beloved cause. Born of the passion of my friend Monica and the desire to help her leave a legacy, Each Moment We’re Alive brought together a song of gratitude and survivorship with her award winning photographs illustrating our message of enduring and healing love through our art forms.

Then I met Cindy Sheridan Murphy. This woman who has become a dear friend, embodies the spirit of a cancer survivor whose healing inspires her to give back. She lives and breathes it with every ounce of her being, and I couldn’t be more proud of my work with her. With the heart and will of a warrior goddess, Cindy has created a not-for-profit with the proud name that has come to symbolize gratitude and mindfulness and honoring all those we know and who love someone with cancer, Each Moment We’re Alive, Inc.

Decades before my parents were diagnosed with cancer, my mother showed me what it meant to give of your time and energy to hep others in need. She was a leader in Cancer Care which was an early model for me of what it looks like to do something for others. I don’t know what made her choose that cause, as we did not have anyone in our world who suffered from cancer at the time. Yet that’s what she chose. My dad was also deeply charitable, and through a child abuse agency they supported I wrote the first of many songs for organizations who I felt would benefit from having a musical voice to help carry their message.

It feels like things have come full circle. From Cancer Care to Each Moment We’re Alive, the compassion for those who suffer lives on through so many I love. Now with Each Moment We’re Alive I am proud to be continuing this legacy of doing for others.

Having lost so many loved ones to cancer, and loving many who live in its shadow, Each Moment We’re Alive, LLC is a beloved non-profit that has only begun to grow in its reach to support those with the disease who struggle to find their equilibrium ~ emotionally, spiritually, and financially. At a time of such unrest, and struggle to face so many unknowns, please celebrate my birthday with me. Your support is a vote for life, for spirit, for love and compassion. A free book and CD will be sent to anyone who donates over $20.

Please donate through the upcoming Facebook ad or send a check to me at PO Box 142, North Branford CT 06471 made out to Each Moment We’re Alive, Inc.

Roll up …. for the magical medicare tour, one filled with laughter tears and pride. With gratitude and blessings,

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