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Shamanic Summer Solstice ….

With all the tumultuous unrest and uncertainty there doesn’t seem to be much we can count on. I tried to think of what I could say about the longest and lightest day of the year today, and then I was invited to a Shamanic summer solstice ceremony.

Teachers Alberto Villaldo and Marcela Lobos hosted a brief ceremony that brought me back to the roots of Shamanism that remind me so beautifully that this time is a function of one of a huge transformation occurring on the Earth. Once I plug back into all the reminders of the ways we can align our thoughts with Spirit, it comes flooding back. Not flooding like an overrun river, but more like a steady stream that I sometimes forget is right under my feet. A reminder that we can infuse every cell in our body with the consciousness, the same intelligence that informs the flowers when to bloom, the life force that propels us forward in our evolution.

This time of emerging deep systemic diseases of the body and soul, is one that calls to us in many different ways. While many struggle to hang on, we also protest, create, deepen compassion, pray and redefine what it means to be safe and to survive. There is something essential and beautiful about connecting with those that hold a vision of a new world. The ancient Shamans say we can source from our destiny, that we can be the ones we have been waiting for to recreate the world.

As we all find our way, may you fill your hearts with the love that is our birthright. May the passion that is the fire of transformation fuel the peace and justice we need the world to stand upon. May you find the light within you and remind others of their own. May the abundance of Light on this day with the collective intentions of all Shamans and seekers, help illuminate the path for the great healing our Planet so desperately needs …..

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