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Happy Birthday Melody and Martin !!

“I say to you today, my friends, that in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment, I STILL HAVE A DREAM” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. …. Each year I come to appreciate more fully how profoundly magnificent Dr. King was. And what a gift it is to celebrate the birth of my child and my motherhood journey on the same day we remember this remarkable man. In his honor I humbly invoke so many of his prolific prayers.  I’d like to add the wish that my daughter reach her personal dream of being part of the team to solve the proverbial autism puzzle. And that we may collectively work toward Martin’s vision for humanity ~ that we “come to see a society at peace with itself, a society that can live with its conscience.” And a special call to loved ones ~ that we will come to see with compassion, that that which might look like indifference from some who are intensely devoted to attaining a goal, is the best way they know how to reach for a seemingly impossible dream ….

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