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Decent Shelter (song for Habitat for Humanity)

© 2011 Debra Alt

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From where I sit and what I see from the comfort of my easy chair
Every corner of this blessed world cries out for love, hope and repair
The question always comes down to, what can one single person do?
You have to pick somewhere to start, Find the thing that moves your heart


We all need decent shelter, a place to live
A house, a home to call our own
A roof, and walls around to keep us safe and warm
Windows to let the light shine in
A house, a home to call our own
Reaching out to our communities, framing houses, one home at a time
All these hands and hearts and families, building meaning into our lives
So many people really need the kind of help that we can bring
Pick up a hammer and a prayer, that’s what it means to really care


We all need decent shelter ….
I’m so grateful to have all the things I do
Loved ones and a house to come home to
I want to be part of what’s rebuilding our humanity
In giving there’s so much to receive


We all need decent shelter….

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