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More Than Remember

By Debra L. Alt & Jeff Fuller © 2008 Servethrusong (ASCAP)
Written for MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)

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He was a first son, and brother and a best friend
He always laughed and played so hard
So young we found each other, and his blue eyes held my secrets
A first and last sweetheart
His life had only just begun, a tender man just twenty-one
The vibrant life we’d always known, was soon to come undone

Three AM one morning, on a still night in December
A knock pierced all the sleepless sounds
A sergeant told the story that would soon become my terror
Then the strength that’s always held me, let me down
I couldn’t grasp what I was told, a car that crashed and lost control
How would I ever be consoled, my heart will not let go


More than remember, I’ll keep him alive
His memory’s forever, love that won’t die
More than remember, finding the ways
To honor our loved ones, make the roads safe
Do more than remember

Planting trees and wearing ribbons, placing wreaths along the highway
All we can do to help the spirit thrive
In sorrow we stand together, share our strengths with one another
So we can see the ways we do survive
I hope someday again I’ll find the light in me that used to shine
I miss your smile, your hand in mine, the one that’s left behind


More than remember, keep you alive
Memories forever, love that won’t die
More than remember, we’ll never abide
Careless offenders, guilty of crimes
More than remember, keep them alive
Memories forever, love that won’t die
More than remember, a tribute worthwhile
Spread the message, the call, to not drink and drive
Do more than remember.

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