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Sunflowers and politics

Thought we could use a sunflower around now or at least catch your attention with its brightness …  I found myself wondering when thinking about what to post this morning, how such a gloriously beautiful season can contain the horrific level of discourse that we have seen in this election process.  I don’t usually get political in my posts but it would seem unconscionable not to weigh in at this point if I am to call myself a writer of any seriousness….  From a global perspective, I’m  embarrassed by the debate forum that the world sees as an integral part of our system of democracy.  It goes without saying that there is not yet a perfect system, yet after watching the second debate I was so sickened by the negativity and misery propagated by what was put forth that I am moved to find a way to express something potentially helpful.   The problems facing our country and the world are so massive and complex that it seems surreal for it to be addressed in this way, with such extensive attacks of character.  Not to say that some characters are not worthy of extreme criticism to say the least, yet something is far too wrong on an essential level.  Many perceive there is not much choice, yet how this man has gotten to the world stage is a function of such widespread fear and hatred that I join the ranks of those who cry that it must be stopped.  Read the book review of Hitler, Ascent 1889-1939 just the review alone is enough to understand how bad it could really be.  Neither candidate would be a field of sunflowers, but in this case we have to take a chance on a woman whose drive for power has seen her through some profoundly humiliating times and enabled her to maintain her stance. I can’t imagine taking on a job of such magnitude as the Presidency.  I don’t completely understand the hearts of those in pursuit of such power, but I don’t see hate in the heart of Hillary Rodham Clinton.  She’s not perfect, but we must consider the alternative that is creating a season of pure fright. Don’t vote out of fear, vote out of hope that the visions set forth for equality and fairness can carve out more steps toward a future we can live with, based on intelligence and reason.  Please encourage all you know to vote with heart and hope for some semblance of peace …

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