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15 years ago … One Heart at a Time


15 years ago today my friend Ginny’s then 8-year-old daughter Sienna asked her Mom what they could do in response to the horrors they tried to make some sense of.  Our children knew that schools closed early but what they couldn’t know was that some of the parents were feeling a shock not unlike what some of us remembered when our young president John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  An event of a magnitude that went beyond anything they had ever imagined could occur.  As shell shocked as we were, I was impressed with the answer Ginny gave.  “You just have to work very hard in school and become part of the solution to the world’s problems”. It satisfied young Sienna and I decided at that moment to join many other songwriters in expressing hope.  “One Heart at a Time” was written as a spiritual antidote for an unfathomable turn of world affairs.  Something I believed anyone could understand and take comfort from and turn things from obliterating fear to hope.  While we remember, please listen and pray ….

FREE PLAY of One Heart at a Time
a song for healing the wounds of violence, inspired by 9/11

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