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Wild and Sweet

©1980 D. Alt/©2008 Servethrusong (ASCAP)
Lyrics by Debra L. Alt & Steve Lazrove, Music by Debra L. Alt & Danny Meldon

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Kissing in the kitchen, laughing in your arms
What a fine surprise this turned out to be
Didn’t have an inkling, never had a prayer
That tonight would end with you loving me

Wild and sweet
I’m spinning swaying slowly to forever songs with you
Wild and sweet
Oh baby it’s so crazy to fall so in love with you

I’ve been holding out for someone reckless and in tune
I want so much to believe this is real
You fill me up with pleasure, you play me like a song
All I know is how you make me feel

Wild and sweet
Lives entwined together with one heartbeat loud and true
Wild and sweet
I’m hearing brand new music that I can’t stop dancing to

Thrill me with devotion, carry me away
I’m coming to you baby, won’t you carry me away

Lying by the fire, watching embers die
There’s only so much love for one night
We’ll reach again tomorrow for the tenderness and flames
To have it be this way and know that it’s right

Wild and sweet
I want to stay beside you for eternity, I do
Wild and sweet oh baby it’s so crazy to be so in love with you

Wild and sweet (repeat and fade) ….

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