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Each Moment We’re Alive

Lyrics by Debra L. Alt, Music by Debra L. Alt & Jeff Fuller ©2008 Servethrusong (ASCAP)


She doesn’t want your sympathy or anything that makes her feel a victim
He hears they’re closer to a cure each day but how his body turns away to betray him
What they really want is for you to know just what it is when their story’s told that sustains them
It’s a strength that somehow makes its way, through all the words and the simple faith that they’ll make it

I say cancer cannot cripple love or shatter hope or be anything but angry
When you work so hard to stay alive you need a reason pushing you to strive to keep going
It’s a message, it’s a wakeup call, It’s a plea to understand it all and find meaning
For the scary rollercoaster ride, and the hope that never leaves my side for long

In each moment we’re alive, with every chance we let slip by
There’s something to remind us why we’re here
In each moment we’re alive, in what it takes to have survived
The beauty of our presence is so clear

I’m counting off my milestones and count on friends and loved ones to stick by me
I’ll keep holding on to miracles or better still the strength of will to beat this
I can’t believe I went through all this pain to say that it’s been all in vain, it’s changed me
Now I spread the word of what I know, what it means to take it slow and grateful

For each moment we’re alive, for every breath, with every sigh
How the world will be so different from now on
In each moment we’re alive, we can fill our heart’s desire
Toss caution to the wind and reach beyond

In each moment we’re alive, we follow joy, we carry pride
Empowered to be all we’re meant to be
In each moment we’re alive, from everything that can inspire
Entrust that life will give us what we need
In each moment we’re alive ……. !

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