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Teach You to Fly

Words & Music by Debra Alt ©1999 Servethrusong Publishing (ASCAP)

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I’m as close as you can stand it, I’m as far as I can go
I’m kind of in a hurry, we need to let the old hurt go
I will try to keep you near me sometimes take you by the hand
I’m finally getting ready to take a hard and fearless stand

CHORUS How can I teach you to fly, when my wings won’t carry me
How can I teach you to fly, if my heart is out of reach

It was the real thing we were after, it was a love to count upon
It’s too wrong to live a lie now and wait for what has long since gone
There’s a lesson to be learned here, worth the price we have to pay
So many will be sorry, I wish there was another way

CHORUS I want to teach you to fly, and to do what I believe
I want to teach you to fly, from a life I’m proud to lead

BRIDGE I’ll be right there if you need me to
I’d love to watch your feathers grow
Your wings and my prayers will follow you
And I will wait not far below

CHORUS I’m going to teach you to fly, with love pouring out of me
I’m going to teach you to fly, just by being all of me

………if my heart was half asleep and I’d fallen to my knees
How could I’ve ever reached to teach you how to fly.
come little bird let’s fly, come, let’s soar, let’s fly

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