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CT Writers Night: Monica Baer and Debra Lynn Alt “Each Moment We’re Alive”

Join us for our monthly CT Writers Night. Talented rising authors from our home state will read from and discuss their work.

Join these Connecticut authors (photographer and lyricist) who have created a touching book that strums every heartstring and leaves you with a greater appreciation for each moment we are afforded in this life.

Photographer Monica Baer continues her battle with metastatic stage 4 breast cancer. Yet, her message—in the captions beneath each of her vibrant photos—is one of love, of uniqueness, and of celebration for having seen and lived and captured each moment.

The lyrics, written by Debra Lynn Alt, offer a flow that runs parallel to Monica Baer’s photos. She gives a melodic dialogue to not just the person empathizing or sympathizing with battling cancer, but to us all who drown out the song of life that lives in and around us every day we are here. What makes the book even more unique, is that a copy of the song is included on CD with the book. The song, music and lyrics, all written by Debra (music co-written with New Haven musician Jeff Fuller), will be performed at that evening at the event!

Monica Baer has, since 2005, pursued her interests and talents in wildlife photography. Her images have been published in Globe Pequot’s Hiking Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks, Moose Peterson’s BT Journal, as well as many others. A former president of the Milford CT Camera Club and current member of The Connecticut Association of Photographers, she competes and is featured in numerous expos, art shows, and photography competitions. Monica lives in North Branford, CT with her husband and cat, and is the proud mother of her daughter, Lindsay.

Debra Lynn Alt is a singer-songwriter from New York City and has been in a variety of music bands, most notably the Rolling Stone Magazine house band in 1979. Her songwriting has been called “cause and just-because music,” as she has produced song for such causes as Autism Awareness, MADD, and Habitat for Humanity. Debra lives in Lyme, CT with her husband, daughter, and two cats.

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