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We were over joyed with our experience with Debra. We were looking for a shamanic officiant and she was amazing. Debra walked us through the ceremony process from beginning to end. She has so many formats for you to choose from and use to create your own personal spiritual ceremony that has deep meaning just for you as a couple. Debra was available to answer any questions and guided us through the process with ease. We had multiple zoom meetings leading up to our ceremony. Her voice was amazing, so soothing, gentle and soul full. We asked her to play her guitar and sing. We had so many compliments from our guests about our ceremony and how it really spoke to them in their own personal way and I give Debra the credit for opening a space of love and acceptance.

Debra was amazing! Highly Recommend – Debra was an exceptional officiant. She helped us plan a ceremony that felt like us and exceeded our expectations. She offered a long list of options to pick and choose how you want your ceremony to come together and then worked with us to make sure everything flowed just the way we wanted. She offered some great suggestions on how to make the ceremony even more special. We asked Debra to attend a rehearsal, which was definitely so helpful in making sure everyone felt comfortable on the day of. Debra also helped to coordinate the set-up of our microphone and our classical guitarist ahead of time – above and beyond what we expected! When it came time for our wedding day and ceremony Debra did a wonderful job. She was not rushed and carefully guided us through the ceremony. We would highly recommend Debra to anyone looking for a caring, compassionate, and genuine officiant. Thank you Debra!!!

Debra was amazing and the perfect person to marry us !!! To say Debra was amazing would be an understatement. From the first contact via wedding wire to the last moment the day of our wedding everything was absolutely perfect. Debra was extremely professional and organized. The ceremony was beyond beautiful . Be sure to bring plenty of tissues 🙂 We highly recommend you give Debra a call, you wont be disappointed I promise !!

We met Debra over zoom after finding her website online. We immediately got along as she talked us through the process and curated the perfect ceremony! She was so professional and organised whilst at the same time really personable and easy to get along with. The ceremony itself was perfect. Debra played her guitar beautifully as guests gathered and we walked down the aisle. Numerous guests commented on how good it all was. I highly recommend Debra for whatever you have in mind. We were very pleased indeed!!!

From the moment we made contact with Debra about crafting our ceremony, she made a point to get to know us and collaborate in creating something so unique that included elements from multiple philosophies. She offered interesting suggestions and unique ideas to enhance our experience. She really listened to our vision and we felt comfortable that she knew exactly what we wanted and how we wanted our ceremony to flow. Our confidence was confirmed the day of our wedding. Debra was a calm and loving presence that really enhanced the energy of the day. Her delivery of the ceremony was beautiful. She brought a great, positive vibe, lots of humor to the experience and gave us exactly what we wanted, the way we wanted it. We highly recommend having Debra as an officiant!

Excellent!! We had a wonderful experience with Debra, the ceremony was perfect and we would not change anything. She sang the song beloved beautifully and brought tears to our guests eyes, we kept the song as a surprise. She has a great, warm and friendly personality and smile. Everyone raved about her. Thank you Debra for making our day so special, we would highly recommend her.

My husband and I were at first very concerned over who would officiate our wedding. After dating for 9 years we had a lot of history and personal stories/growth we wanted to frame and emphasize during the ceremony instead of allowing a more traditional templated/scripted presentation. We wanted to focus heavily on our relationship and the uniquity of our union and marriage, and not just the vague bigger picture details of what it means to marry someone or love someone in general. When we first found Debra something told us both that she would be able to do this for us and make this vision a reality, and we were right. After only one zoom meeting Debra quickly grasped and was able to see what motivated and drove our love, our relationship, and now our desire to marry. She also captured what key events and growth milestones were important to us that we felt best displayed who we are as a couple. All of this was then written up, personalized, and delivered at our ceremony to create the ceremony of our dreams. We knew we were right to have chosen Debra when almost all of our guests spontaneously throughout the night and subsequent week reported that this was the best wedding and ceremony they had ever been to, and that it was the most personal, intimate, and embodied everything a marriage ceremony between two unique individuals should be. That was what we wanted. That was what we tasked Debra with helping to facilitate and create, and that is what was presented on our most special day. Debra truly takes the time to create a ceremony that tells the story of the two unique individuals who are getting married and their story together. All while staying far away from the vague and cold generalities of discussing love and marriage only in the broadest of terms in relation to all couples. Your ceremony is not for and about any couple other than the two people on the altar with Debra, and she will tell your story and start your next chapter beautifully, intimately, and uniquely.

We would highly recommend Debra of Love, Light & Music, she was extremely professional and responsive throughout the entire process. Debra was also extremely patient with us and our changes along the way and even when our best man (who was traveling 12 hours) was an hour late to our rehearsal dinner due to traffic she did not complain once. It was an overall great experience and Debra helped keep everything moving along perfectly.

Debra is beautiful, charming and heartfelt. She brought her extraordinary talents into play for our Wedding. Not only was the ceremony carefully thought out and personal, the music she played made the ceremony so much more special for us and our guests. Everyone raved about the professional, yet intimate, ceremony she crafted and delivered. The mood she set and maintained was a delight for all involved. I can’t imagine a more perfect person to have Officiated our special day. Love, Light, and Music is only the beginning of what Debra brings to the table. I’m already thinking of a renewal of vows just so she can do it again. 🙂

Thank you Debra!!!

Debra was the perfect Officiant for our park wedding and is the perfect choice for yours! Debra is an outstanding officiant and I would recommend her to any couple who is looking for the perfect person for their wedding ceremony. Debra takes very good notes during your conversations with her, she is very inquisitive, listens carefully to your story and prepares a lovely tribute to you and your spouse on your wedding day. She was an enormous help during the rehearsal, as she was able to calm a lot of nerves about wedding party order, names, the parents and was able to give us the best guiding hand on our wedding day. She was also a great help with being able to conduct our interview, rehearsal and ceremony in a park, and with less than a month to really prepare. This was an incredible help, especially during covid, because our interviews were over Skype. There was a lot of pressure on her and she was aces, the compliments from our guests for Debra were 5 stars. Also, our wedding was in a park, which is not the norm, and my wife and I felt a little nervous about how it would work out, but Debra was perfect for us, she had no issues and took to our ideas seamlessly. In total, I cannot say enough kind words about Debra and her expertise as an officiant, as she made our day the best day of our lives. I would recommend her to any couple hands down, and hope you and your spouse choose her for your wedding.

When I looked for a Justice of the Peace to perform a wedding for my fiancé and me, I saw there were many choices. What made Debra Lynn Alt stand out with Love Light & Music is the fact that she offered music. We wanted something simple and precious for a last minute ceremony because we wanted to travel across the country to see family after getting married. We did not know the marriage license and certificate process, but Debra helped us get the license and was so friendly. Also, Debra created a ceremony that was so beautiful and well organized. We picked one song from Debra’s song list, and her singing for us was much more awesome than when we saw her sing on her website and Facebook.What I really appreciate it that Debra helped us find a beautiful and sweet place to get married. We did everything we needed in less than 2 weeks with Debra’s help. We are so grateful and lucky that we met her and have such beautiful memories of our wedding. After our ceremony, Debra gave us a present with a lovely card and helped us get the certificate. I would recommend Debra for any kind of wedding you would like to have.

Last weekend we had a small intimate wedding in a vacation home on the water in Milford. We chose Debra initially for her musical talents and the overall openness and spiritual strength that came through in our first zoom meeting. Debra did not disappoint! The wedding was everything we envisioned! Our guests raved about her calming presence, singing and the individuality of our ceremony. Debra came by the night before for rehearsal. She was warm and patient. She wowed the toddlers in the family with her guitar. Debra even went out of her way to learn a song that has great meaning for us- “Marry me” by Train. It’s that kind of personal attention that we are sure we would not have received elsewhere. We really can’t say enough!! Thank you so much Debra!!

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