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Working with Deb has shown me avenues to healing that I previously wasn’t aware of. When I first decided to work with Deb I didn’t know much about Shamanism, but was open to exploring new ways to help cope with loss and gain a personal foundation again. Deb’s ability to explain the history and theories behind the practice, coupled with her ability to create a safe, sacred space, enabled me to be comfortable enough to open up to her and myself. Deb has a unique ability to listen to a person both by their speech and their energy, reflect upon that feedback, and then build upon it with every session. Her support, positivity and reflection have given me the tools and encouragement to continue exercises independently.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have Deb’s support during a challenging time in my life. Her kindness is palpable, and you can truly feel that she loves helping others, supporting them in their individual healing journey.

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