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My husband and I were at first very concerned over who would officiate our wedding. After dating for 9 years we had a lot of history and personal stories/growth we wanted to frame and emphasize during the ceremony instead of allowing a more traditional templated/scripted presentation. We wanted to focus heavily on our relationship and the uniquity of our union and marriage, and not just the vague bigger picture details of what it means to marry someone or love someone in general. When we first found Debra something told us both that she would be able to do this for us and make this vision a reality, and we were right. After only one zoom meeting Debra quickly grasped and was able to see what motivated and drove our love, our relationship, and now our desire to marry. She also captured what key events and growth milestones were important to us that we felt best displayed who we are as a couple. All of this was then written up, personalized, and delivered at our ceremony to create the ceremony of our dreams. We knew we were right to have chosen Debra when almost all of our guests spontaneously throughout the night and subsequent week reported that this was the best wedding and ceremony they had ever been to, and that it was the most personal, intimate, and embodied everything a marriage ceremony between two unique individuals should be. That was what we wanted. That was what we tasked Debra with helping to facilitate and create, and that is what was presented on our most special day. Debra truly takes the time to create a ceremony that tells the story of the two unique individuals who are getting married and their story together. All while staying far away from the vague and cold generalities of discussing love and marriage only in the broadest of terms in relation to all couples. Your ceremony is not for and about any couple other than the two people on the altar with Debra, and she will tell your story and start your next chapter beautifully, intimately, and uniquely.

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