In Broad Daylight
This CD reflects this discovery, while describing a personal journey that has aimed for the higher ground, but which sometimes has run me through the weeds.

1. Each Moment We’re Alive
Lyrics & Music by D. Alt

I was asked to write a song for a group of cancer survivors and I tried to reach for an experience I only had from the outside. I was determined to create a song that would be a celebration for survivors and also an inspiring reminder to be present to each precious moment of our lives.

2. Wild and Sweet
Music by D. Meldon & D. Alt, Lyrics by D. Meldon, D. Alt, & S. Lazrove

In collaboration with a man I met up with during my musicianship days in New York City, a free spirited guy in and out of the VA hospital, who was never quite able to get past the damage from the Vietnam War. Having lost track of him, the song’s moved around with me for years. With Steve’s encouragement and lyrical touch, it was resurrected.

3. To Find You Now
Lyrics by D. Alt & S. Lazrove, Music by D. Alt

A love song, for a man this time. The seed of this song came to Steve while he was cycling in France. When I first read what he wrote, I recognized something important had shifted for me, and that I had in fact found the connection held out for. It’s a song for those of us who still hold out for the real thing, after many thwarted efforts and painful losses.

7. I Keep Coming Back to You
Written by Beth Neilson Chapman & Bill Lloyd

This song resonated for me with its simple truth. I felt like it brought home where I had been and thankfully landed. Along with “Who We Are”, Beth provided me with songs with which I wanted to breathe my own life into.

8. Son of a Gun
Lyrics by D. Alt & S. Lazrove, Music by D. Alt

A love song about a 110-pound French sheepdog named after his father Gun, who thought he was a person. I was drawn to Steve’s connection to this family in rural France, and Gun’s death inspired us to create a song together as a gift to help ease their grief.

9. Who We Are
Written by Beth Neilson Chapman & Allen Shamblin

When I heard Beth Neilson Chapman sing this, I knew she had touched a nerve that only the finest songwriting can, and I longed to make it my own. I believe the power of her expression of strained and painful relationships, simply sings for itself.

10. Tug of War
Lyrics & Music by D. Alt

Out of the intense frustration of shared parenting after divorce, this song helped diffuse my anger one infuriating evening. I hope it can help lighten the hearts of others who must also endure this maddening path, one unlike any other.

My father & daughter, Melody


4. Voice for Sam
Lyrics by D. Alt, Music by D. Alt & P. Scialabba

Inspired by an ;Autism Speaks Walkathon, I felt that this growing movement of families in need of support and answers, could use a voice in song. In ways both wondrous and inexplicable, on what would have been my father’;s 75th birthday, he exerted his formidable influence in helping me to put the final touches on this song.

5. How I Wish You Can See
Lyrics & Music by D. Alt

For my daughter, may you come to understand what it has been like from this side of the mother-daughter dance and from that understanding, heal all the wounds.

6. Carried Away
Lyrics by D. Alt & S. Lazrove, Music by C. Degaard & D. Alt

More often than I care to admit, I’ve been accused of doing, being, or acting “too much”. So I thought it would be fun to create a fun and lively song about the experience of going just a little too far in any given direction


11. In the Most Important Way
Lyrics & Music by D. Alt

For Phoebe and Abagail and all children lucky enough to be adopted by a loving and eager mother. And for Sue who believed in me.

12. Looking For a Conscious Cowboy
Lyrics & Music by D. Alt

The only song I rerecorded from my first CD, rewritten musically and rerecorded with wonderful Nashville musicians . I wanted to do whatever I could to help bring this inspired song out into the world of country music.

13. The Love and Long Run
Lyrics & by D. Alt

Written for my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary, I wanted to create a song for anyone celebrating a long life together. I tried to capture the sense of what is an elusive experience for most of us.