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Fireworks, Fireflies, Bullfrogs and a Crescent Moon ~ Reflections on Independence

As I sit listening to the fireworks, catching the fleeting fireflies, while the bullfrogs provide the rhythm section, the crescent moon turns yellow. I am reminded once again of the thread of gratitude for my connection and desire to reach out and connect, remind myself and all those that happen to listen.

Its clear to me how important it is to have a connection to something we believe in, that’s indelible, unchanging, whether it be divine or part of nature or music, especially as life continues to astound us with its permutations of wrongdoing and horrific inhumanity. We must nourish whatever we can feel connected to so that aliveness is grounded in a way we can always return to, so as not to get lost for too long. We need the light bearers of the world. The independent thinkers, activists, lovers, artists, even ( God help us) the well intentioned politicians.

What independence means to me is being free to believe and feel joy and gratitude, midst whatever is around us. To glean goodness from that which is anything but, in the face of cynicism and despair. I write to plant a seed of a shared sense of sovereignty among loved ones, friends and community. I write because I don’t want to give up and there is so much to do and say. And because pausing to notice is so valuable.

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