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A Change of Heart

I’ve loved you as I’ve loved no other, you’re the anchor for my dreams I barely noticed as you slowly closed the door and slipped away from me I long to stay beside you, my darling, where else would I…

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Smile Blues

I don’t believe the smile you’re showin’ tonight I can see it in your eyes somethin’s not right I’ve never seen it before the smile you’re showin’ tonight   Whatever happened to those eyes that shined ever true The light…

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Where New England Begins

Where New England Begins I was a single city girl just following her heart Had enough of urban life, out to make a brand new start Something fresher, cleaner, kinder, more air beneath my wings Loaded up my car and…

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The Breath

The breath fills me and heals me And when drawn slowly Reminds me of everything I need to know © 2000 by Debra L. Alt  

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The Nature of Choice

The nature of choice Brings up questions of free will, destiny How it is one comes to a point of Making a choice Some falter at crossroads Others relish the unknown paths ahead Always momentum takes hold And shifts in…

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Just Your Way

There was a time I didn’t know you The funny way you showed you cared You made it hard for me to love you A fragile heart can find that hard to bear   Your will is made of steel…

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