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Carried Away

©1999 Chip DeGaard & Debra Alt/©2008 Servethrusong (ASCAP)
Lyrics by Debra L. Alt & Steve Lazrove, Music by Chip Degaard & Debra L. Alt

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I was curled up on the couch and I was feelin’ fine
At a late-night party with a friend of mine
From the corner of my eye I caught your midnight grin
I felt my heart crack open and you slipped right in

WIth you comin’ up beside me I could lose control.
But something keeps on telling me to take a hold
The memory of that must you carry in the room,
Can’t stand it, can’t stop it, gotta get a grip

Carried away, I think I’m getting carried away
I watch my heart just sail away
When I see I’m getting carried away

Honey being with you lit a spark so deep in me
That I’m feelin’ burning passion of the third degree
I wanna keep my cool but it’s a little late
I’d like to keep you guessing but I just can’t wait

So I start telling you a story of some time ago
And I’m giving out the details you don’t need to know
Something in the telling just comes over me

I say too much, try too hard, gotta get a grip
Carried away, oh no I’m getting carried away again

There’s nothing left to do or say
When I know I’m getting carried away
I can’t believe I’m goin’ down this road of no return
I don’t know how I end up here, again and again

Must be those demons dancing cartwheels in my head once more
Should I go there, should I stop here, or should I stay
Carried away, I’m always getting carried away
I know there’ll be a price to pay
When I let myself get carried away

Carried away, let’s you and I get carried away
Is there really any other way
Then to live a life that’s carried away

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