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Debra Lynn Alt in June 2013. (Photograph by S. Lazrove.)

Debra Bio

Debra Lynn Alt is a singer-songwriter originally from New York City.  She accompanies herself on piano and guitar and performs in venues throughout the New York metropolitan and New England area. She has been in country, rock and club date bands including the Rolling Stone Magazine house band in 1979.  She moved with her daughter to Lyme, Connecticut, in 1999 where she produced three CDs of mostly original songs: “A Spirited Mother”; “In Broad Daylight”; and now “Each Moment We’re Alive.”  Her interest in incorporating philanthropic work with her music began when she wrote a song for a child abuse agency where she donated proceeds from her CD.  Since then, Alt has performed at various benefits and volunteered as a singer at The Connecticut Hospice for bedside comfort, in addition to several of the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life events. Alt has also written songs for autism, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), and Habitat for Humanity.  Her honors include an official citation from the Connecticut Attorney General’s office for her “enduring and profoundly significant contribution and dedication to the fight against drunk driving …”

“Each Moment We’re Alive”
CD/Book Cover Front

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“Each Moment We’re Alive”


“Generations” – Photograph by Monica Baer from book, “Each Moment We’re Alive,” by Debra Lynn Alt.

Snuggle Time

“Snuggle Time” – Photograph by Monica Baer from book, “Each Moment We’re Alive,” by Debra Lynn Alt.

Each Moment We’re Alive: The Making of the Musical and Photographic Story – Inspired by Cancer Survivors

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Grace Article

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Grace Magazine’s Breast Cancer Awareness article, “Her art lives on: Collaborative book [by Debra Lynn Alt] features photographs of the late Monica Baer” (Oct. 2012)

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