Each Moment We're Alive
A Musical and Photographic Story Inspired by Cancer Survivors
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a song for healing the wounds of violence, inspired by 9/11

The hardcover photography/CD gift book set, “Each Moment We’re Alive,” offers inspiration to those who struggle to survive cancer. Produced by singer/songwriter Debra Lynn Alt, it combines life-affirming music with the award-winning travel/nature images of the late professional photographer, Monica Baer.

“’Each Moment We’re Alive’ is a synthesis of my song, written after interviewing cancer survivors, with Monica’s photographs. Each poignant photograph is captioned as a brief story and illustrated by the lyrics of the song. My intention is to use ‘Each Moment We’re Alive’ to encourage people touched by cancer–to enjoy and savor ‘each moment we’re alive.’” – Debra Lynn Alt

The Book & CD giftset is $18. A portion of sales of the book/CD is donated to cancer research and support.


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Each Moment We’re Alive: The Making of the Musical and Photographic Story – Inspired by Cancer Survivors

1. Each Moment We’re Alive

2. The Love and Long Run

3. Decent Shelter

4. Voice for Sam

5. More Than Remember

6. Where New England Begins

7. A Change of Heart

8. Born of Light

9. One Heart at a Time

10. Mi Shebierach